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Classic Coastal Large

$135.45 + GST Total $149.00

Beautiful Native Flowers Noosa Style custom made using dried Australian Natives and Foliage. Get the feeling of Noosa’s Nature delivered to your door.

This ones a keeper

Looking for the perfect dried flower bouquet? Give a gift that lasts with our popular Coastal Bouquets.

Our Coastal Bouquet Large is the big daddy of the family, creating a striking feature and element of coolness and style in any room. Give this bouquet when you really want to make someone feel special. Or even better, treat yourself! Being a dried bouquet, it is low in allergens and does not need water to keep looking pretty for days, weeks, months. The perfect, low maintenance, long lasting gift!

With soft pastel tones, neutrals, greys and metallics, each of our stunning coastal bouquets uses only the prettiest and most stylish flowers, hand picked and then expertly preserved and dried by the Bud Naked Queen herself, Natalie. Natalie constantly scours the markets and local growers, to find the most unique and interesting flowers that can be turned into gorgeous bouquets that make a simple statement in any room. For this reason, each and every dried flower bouquet is unique.

You can choose from our small, medium and large bouquets. All are wrapped in textured paper, tied with ribbon and sent with love. 

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