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Sage Green Hanging Pot with Golden Pothos

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A pretty mosaic patterned ceramic hanging planter with a lush trailing Golden Pothos Plant.

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Sage Green Hanging Pot with Golden Pothos Plant.

Our stylish mosaic patterned hanging pot filled with gorgeous strands of Golden Pothos Plant, aka The Money Plant, makes a divine gift. With heart shaped lime green and gold marbled leaves this plant is super hardy and is happy with little natural light indoors or out. The light weight ceramic pot with secured rope makes it easy to attach it to a ceiling hook.

They are very clever little plants so you can choose whether to let them naturally trail downwards from the pot in a cascade of green or train it to climb up the little rope sides. Either way it creates a pretty visual effect in no time at all.

Pothos is a great plant for beginners as it is pretty relaxed in terms of light, watering and humidity so it will slip into any household with minimal fuss. Oh and did we mention it is fast growing and acts as a natural air purifier? Just don’t let it get too wet or let it dry out completely.

This little guy comes in a sage green mosaic patterned ceramic hanging pot surrounded by coconut fibre and needs minimal watering. We also have a grey hanging pot too.