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A beautiful sought after rare Cactus slow growing and easy care. Prefers a sunny position and very little watering. A stunning specimen for the home.


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Yes, we have a very rare, real-life cowboy for sale. This stylish looking Euphorbia will be the focus of any room with interesting spikes and a luxe pot. Like all good cowboys, this one loves full sun but can also handle part-shade. Because these cactus are so slow-growing and hard to find, they make the perfect gift for those hard to buy people (we all know them). They look just as good out by the pool or inside by a window, making sure they get lots of light and with a bit of love, these cowboys can eventually grow up to 1.5m tall.

Housed in a gorgeous white patterned pot with a terracotta rim.

Note: this plant has a milky sap that can cause blisters on skin and irritation of the eyes. It should only be grown where it is out of reach to both children and pets.