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So you want to send some flowers. BUT you don’t want to scroll through a squillion little photos of bouquets all with differing size gerberas and coloured roses. Right?

We hear you.
That’s why at Bud Naked, in keeping with our make it simple yet always beautiful philosphy, we have made it easy. We pick the best flowers we can find by scouring the flower market and visiting our fab hidden gem local suppliers, and make three sizes of our fresh as a daisy seasonal bouquets so you don’t have to make any difficult decisions.

So all YOU need to do is decide who the lucky recipient is, get their address, select a size and whip out your credit card (or call us). Easy peasy.

But if you are a slightly more complex character who has something specific in mind or is buying for someone who loves a particular flower – then we can do a bespoke bouquet just for you.

All Bud Naked bouquets come with elegant woven soft fibre paper, their own water supply and ribbon. No cheesy teddy bears but just ask if you want a gift cards.