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Why We Love Noosa Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are definitely having their moment. And so they should. Not only do they create a contemporary styling note for any room, but they are a wonderful way to showcase local native flowers in the area you live.

At Bud Naked, we adore dried flowers. A quick glance at our social media is testament to that!

The way they look. The way they smell. The way they feel. The process of drying and preserving their natural beauty is an integral part of our Noosa shop. However we frequently get inquiries from customers saying while they love them, they are not sure how they can best use them. So to answer these questions, our resident expert florist here at Bud Naked HQ – Natalie, has put together a quick cheat sheet on the best ways to bring some dried goodness into yours or the people you love lives. See below.

A Gift That Lasts

So you want to send flowers for a birthday, engagement, get well or new bundle of joy but are not sure what style your intended ‘giftee’ would adore? Then you need to find a dried bouquet pronto. A talented florist will know how to arrange these to really create an impactful statement when choosing an arrangement as a gift. Natalie says to think gorgeous pastel shades, with lots of different textures and bespoke natives. “My personal favourites are King Proteas, gum nuts, banskias and lotus pods. These guys are show stoppers in a bouquet”. Need more reasons to pick dried over fresh? Natalie summarises, “they honestly cater to anyone’s style (even those flower snobs will be blown away by a stunning dried arrangement), they will outlast all the other bunches of lillies, sunflowers, tulips, roses etc that the ‘giftee’ will no doubt receive at the same time. And finally, they are usually allergy free. No hay fever with these little guys”. Enough said.

Dried Native Arrangement

Dried Native Arrangement

Wedding Day Beauty

Have you noticed that recently dried flowers are showing up on the best wedding guest lists? The ability to get the perfect colour with the use of special paints means they can complement fresh flowers in bouquets as well as adding an extra layer of style and interest to a traditional wedding ceremony. And for those considering getting married somewhere warm all year around such as here on our magical Sunshine Coast – then dried flowers will withstand any pesky heat waves the sun throws down. So you can be assured of a wilt free, droop free, sunburn free floral extravaganza.

Natalie, believes the most impactful way to showcase dried flowers at a wedding ceremony is on the arbour. “I love that the scale and proportion of dried flowers to really make a statement is limited only by your imagination! From giant palm fronds to Pampas grass to soft bunny tails (flower versions of course) –  the only thing to upstage dried coastal flowers at a ceremony is the wedding couple themselves!”, says Natalie.

Dried Floral Arbour at Boathouse Restaurant Noosa

Dried Floral Arbour at Boathouse Restaurant Noosa


Another effective way to incorporate dried flowers is to work some in for texture alongside fresh ones. This looks particularly good with buttonholes where a soft rose sits perfectly alongside dried Italian Ruscus.

Eye Catching Art

Yes, yes, yes – dried flowers make incredible installations on any walls in any house. Paintings and framed pictures are so 2018! This is where items such as driftwood, shells, banana leaves and coastal palm fronds that with a well trained eye, you can often find on your doorstep or a short drive away. Again being largely hypoallergenic, these are a great alternative in an allergy suffering household and the options are only limited by your imagination. Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Brown and Neutral Dried Flower Inspiration for a Small Room with a Yellow Chair

Brown and Neutral Dried Flower Inspiration


Dried Flower Inspiration in Grey and White

Dried Flower Inspiration in Grey and White

Start with a Simple Idea

“Be bold with your choices and remember that less is more. If you are unsure where to start, then try a wreath ringed with dried wild flowers that you can move until you find the perfect spot for it. Keep the colours complimentary and in natural colours. Have fun with it!” Natalie says.

Australian Summer Wreath in Pinks and Pastel Colours by Bud Naked

Bud Naked Summer Dried Flower Wreath

Still need some more inspiration or ideas? Then give us a call on 07 54405259 or visit us at

Even better if you are in Noosa living or visiting, come in and see Natalie and the team. We would love to show you our gorgeous little pink shop filled with plants and flowers – both dried and fresh.